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I am a highly productive software engineer who prefers to work with startups. I mostly do frontend work for companies, but I know backend in and out, and some devops, because I constantly use both in my own projects. If you're interested in hiring me, feel free to contact me.



I wrote and maintained most of the device-controlling frontend UI for this home security startup.

Acquired skills: React


I wrote new and maintained legacy AngularJS code for this cargo delivery startup. At one point I also R&D'd and wrote a new React Native app for them.

Acquired skills: AngularJS, React Native


I was one of four first employees of this SaaS accounting startup. We wrote the core framework from the ground up. I personally wrote the middleware between frontend on Backbone and backend on Django. I also set up basic CI/CD for them with Jenkins.

Acquired skills: BackboneJS, Jenkins, CI/CD

Bars Group

I was a part of the core framework development team. This framework was used by every applied Python development team in the company. Framework was based on the Django and ExtJS (popular JS UI control framework at the time). UI part of the framework generated custom UI controls from the Python code. I wrote both the Python and Javascript parts of UI controls code as well as some core Python code.

Acquired skills: Python, Django

Kazan State University

I worked on internal university web services, like help desk and student grade systems. All work was done in PL/SQL language in Oracle databases. There was no distinction between frontend and backend development back then, so I did both.

Acquired skills: Relational databases, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
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