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Here is a list of projects I made over the years:


June 2020-March 2021 (done in 9 months)

Flashhost was a static site hosting/publishing platform that makes it very easy to deploy from terminal with one command.

After focusing on finishing projects in 2 months, I found out that even if you finish a project fast, deployment is still hard work. This project helped me immensely in becoming a better devops engineer.

The project was closed due to lack of interest and my mistake in understanding the product/market fit. A good lesson.

Technologies: GraphQL, NodeJS, migra, Postgraphile, Docker, Ansible

This very website

March 2021 (done in 3 days)

This website is a result of quick tinkering with GatsbyJS and awesome Novela theme

Technologies: Gatsby


2019-2020 (never finished)

Tertia was a block-based website constructor, which was supposed to rival even Tilda. But again, it was too ambitious for one developer. This time I detected it much earlier though, so I have been able to drop the project before I lost too much to sunk costs. From this point on I decided that solo projects must not take more than two months.

Technologies: GraphQL, NodeJS, Prisma


2010-2014 (never finished)

Worlds was a very ambitious Minecraft-like game, which sadly died due to being too ambitious for one developer. If you imagine Minecraft as a big purchased LEGO package, then my game was a LEGO factory. You could make your own blocks/block distribution rules/recipes/NPCs and so on. After all these years I still like the idea, but the game is too complex to finish for anything less than a big team. It is now open-sourced.

Technologies: C#, XNA/Monogame, generic gamedev math
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